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Welcome to Play Tetris Online! We currently have the most played Tetris game on the internet. All of these Tetris games are high addictive therefore you'll find yourself playing all of our six Tetris games for hours. Play these online Tetris games till you conquer Tetris!
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This is the first of the Tetris game series, made by In this version the bomb block is added where you can cut through the other blocks. By far on of the most fun of the Tetris games.
Tetris Online
Tetris 2
The second of the Tetris games. While playing turn up your volume on your computer and listen to these amazing sound effects that was added to the game! You are also given new options and display features such as the lines needed feature and a key for game controls.
Tetris 3
Out of all of the six Tetris games this is the simpliest out of the bunch. Even though in this game you aren't dazzeled with graphics this game sticks true to Tetris' originality. Overall a very addicting game.
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Tetris 4
In this version of Tetris Flashbox added a twist with adding an Arabian effect to the game by adding middle eastern images in the background. With these cool features you might find yourself on the computers for hours.
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Tetris 5
Out of all of the Tetris games this by far is my favorite. The style and game play is very straight forward with a nice bit of audio to support game play.
Tetris 6
To most this game was not included in the Tetris game series. Though this game brings the Tetris concept to a whole nother level by having bright colors and a cartoonish design. I found myself striving to beat Tetris.
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